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Following the IFES ambassador training held at Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu, the representatives from the University of Nairobi Kisumu Campus took the initiative to organize a session with the students at campus. The event which took place on 30th June 2017 was informed by the fact that the majority of the student have never involved in electoral process and there was need to enlighten them on the basis of electoral process in Kenya. .The campus peace ambassadors saw this as a great opportunity to engage the students on matters to do with elections, more so pass down the knowledge they had acquired from the training.

The session started tentatively at 4.00 pm with a word of prayer from one of members present. They were later joined by students from other schools who invited and other classes: students from School of Business, Kisumu National Polytechnic, Oginga Odinga University, KCA University and Faculty of Arts students were also able to grace the occasion.

We started off by engaging the students in a simple question and answer (Q&A’s) session concerning elections to gauge the knowledge they had. Majority of the students attested that this would be their first time voting but had very little knowledge on what happens in polling station during the voting period. When asked if they would participate in the election majority of them answered positively.

Among the reasons cited as to why the students would vote was;

  • Need to change bad governance
  • Give younger people a chance to represent the needs of the youth since they can relate to their problems more
  • Be part of the change
  • Have a voice in the government

Most students had a negative attitude towards most of the leaders and see the opportunity elections present to them as a chance to do away with them. But it’s not all negativity as some cited that they are indeed going to vote to retain their leaders as they personally believe they’ve been doing a good job. The students were surprised to know that they the youth comprise almost half the number of all registered voters in the upcoming elections and this excited them. They realize the power they have in their hands to change the status quo.

We were also able to distribute the materials we got from IFES and UCSPAK during the training. The students actively took part during the whole process. They wholly owned it and you could see they had overwhelming interest in the affairs of their country. We were also able to have some snacks as we discussed how the youth can fully participate before, during and after the elections.

The peace ambassadors were able to hand questionnaires to the students. The questionnaires help us to gauge the knowledge of the students concerning the upcoming elections as the questions wholly revolve around that topic.

The representatives plan to give another set of questionnaires to the participants to see whether they have changed some perspectives they had and also to see if the events we are carrying out as representatives are of help.

We’d like to thank the organizers, UCSPAK, IFES, and Kubamba for making this event possible.

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Assistant Dean of Students Ksm Campus & Student Representative

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Dr. Vincent Machuki

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