UNSA Kisumu Campus Student Leaders' Retreat

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Thu, 2018-12-13 12:11

The University of Nairobi Management organized a one-day retreat for the University of Nairobi Student Association (UNSA) Kisumu Campus Student Leaders. The retreat was held on November 1, 2018 at Kenya School of Monetary Studies in Nairobi. During the retreat, student leaders were sensitized on various topics on leadership, including ‘University governance and leadership,’ ‘Studentship and responsibilities,’ ‘Law and legal framework,’ ‘Self-appreciation,’ ‘Student leadership,’ ‘Soft skills development,’ ‘Health and responsible living,’ ‘Leadership skills,’ and ‘Students social support services’.

In his opening remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, who was represented by Prof. Julius Ogeng’o, the Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs), lauded Kisumu Campus students for successful and peaceful elections under the new UNSA constitution. He further urged UNSA leaders to lead courageously even as they remain loyal to the University of Nairobi brand, the most prestigious university in the East African region.

In his presentation on ‘Self Appreciation,’ Prof. Ogeng’o highlighted the three nuggets of self-appreciation: accepting self; thanking self and appreciating self. He further urged the student leaders to avoid self-neglect: to resist recklessness, excesses of life, sabotage, indiscipline, scandalous behavior and temptation; and the don’ts of life; drugs, objection, negligence and temper. His parting shot to student leaders was Protect, Preserve and Nurture Your “Self” Resource.

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs), told the student leaders to show leadership by being transparent, accountable and responsive, and adhere to the rule of law. “We need total culture change brought about by students, staff and the university. We need to maintain a positive image of our brand,” he said.

Dr. (Fr) Dominic Wamugunda, the Dean of Students, observed that the UNSA student leaders will be operating in a completely different legal and political environment from that of the Students Union of Nairobi University (SONU). Unlike SONU, the current UNSA leaders were elected through an Act of Parliament and the Constitution. Fr.Wamugunda urged the student leaders to embrace the ‘5Ps’ of leadership: ‘Purpose,’ ‘Picture,’ ‘People,’ ‘Passion’ and ‘Participation.’ He explained that a leader needs to have a mental picture of where he is taking his followers. A leader needs to have purpose and a leader is not legitimate without people behind him. Lastly, a leader must have passion for leadership.

Speaking during the retreat, UNSA Student Leader, Mr. Antony Manyara, outlined his vision for the students body. Key among these was changing the narrative. He promised to work closely with Mr. James Magero, the UNSA Kisumu Campus student leader, to ensure the UNSA vision is achieved. Mr. Manyara promised that, unlike in the past where university students have been active in riots, there shall be no riots in his era. The riots and industrial strike by staff has greatly interrupted the academic programmes of the University in the past. Further, Mr. Manyara promised that, under his leadership, UNSA will embrace technology and innovation to promote effective communication with the students. He requested the University management to support student internship, apprenticeship and work-study programmes. The student leaders promised to promote a culture of dialogue, consultations and negotiations. In his speech, Mr. Magero promised to work closely with the Kisumu Campus management to ensure smooth running of the affairs of the campus.

The retreat was attended by members of the University Executive Board, Kisumu Campus Executive Committee and UNSA student leaders, and officials of various student associations in and class representatives from schools and faculties in Kisumu Campus.

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