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Wed, 2017-11-15 12:21

The Director, Kisumu Campus Dr. Vincent Machuki participated in the meeting held on November 14, 2017, where the University of Nairobi internal stakeholders adopted and approved the forwarding of the self-assessment report for institutional quality audit to the Commission of University Education (CUE), the regulator. This is a requirement by the Commission for CUE and in preparation for the upcoming audit.

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Wed, 2018-01-31 12:21
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Wed, 2017-11-15 07:59

On September 14, 2017, Kisumu Campus Management conducted a sensitization exercise to all the staff on the forthcoming coming CUE inspection. In his opening remarks, Dr. Vincent Machuki, The Director - Kisumu Campus explained the need of the exercise and the role of the CUE to the operations of the University and by extension to the campuses. In attendance were the head of schools and service departments who addressed the staff present on various topics relating to the campus preparedness to the intended CUE inspection exercise

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Sun, 2017-12-31 07:59
Date and time: 
Wed, 2017-11-08 12:24

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Tue, 2017-01-31 12:24
Date and time: 
Wed, 2017-10-18 17:02

On October 18, 2017, The University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus conducted a staff training on Online Staff Performance Appraisal system to all the Academic and Non-Academic staff. In his opening speech, Dr. Vincent Machuki, The Director - Kisumu Campus explained that the University require all the staff to undertake the 2016/2017 performance appraisal exercise online, he further explained that the Campus is equally committed to adhere to this appraisal requirement in order to achieve the set target in the FY2017/2018 Performance Contract hence urged members to take the training serious and internalize the concept. The training was therefore organized with a view to equipping and enhancing staff, at all levels, with skills for carrying out the staff performance appraisal online at the Campus.

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Wed, 2018-01-31 17:02
Wed, 2017-10-18

The Campus will be conducting Online Staff Performance Appraisal training exercise for all staff on Wednesday Octomber 18, 2017 from 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. for Non-teaching and Teaching staff respectively. This training is very important as the Campus is expected to fully implement the online staff Performance Appraisal System in the 2016/2017 appraisal exercise. Therefore, this training is mandatory for stall.


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Campus Director

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Mon, 2017-10-02 14:13

The University of Nairobi mounted a one-day sensitization workshop to the student leaders on the University operations at the KCB Leadership Centre, Karen, on September 29, 2017. The student leaders were nominated to the caretaker committee from all the University of Nairobi Campuses and Kisumu Campus was represented by Justus Otieno, Bachelor of Law student. In attendance was Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the DVC (Student Affairs); Dr. Fr. Wamugunda, the Dean of Students and other various departmental heads among them are: Mr. Jamleck Njoka, the Student Placement Officer; Mr. Jackson Maalu, Director Students Welfare Authority (SWA); Mr. Joseph Mokaya, Procurement Manager; Ms. Margaret John, Finance Officer, in charge of students finance among other officers who engaged the students on the inner workings of the University.

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Tue, 2017-01-31 14:13

Following the IFES ambassador training held at Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu, the representatives from the University of Nairobi Kisumu Campus took the initiative to organize a session with the students at campus. The event which took place on 30th June 2017 was informed by the fact that the majority of the student have never involved in electoral process and there was need to enlighten them on the basis of electoral process in Kenya. .The campus peace ambassadors saw this as a great opportunity to engage the students on matters to do with elections, more so pass down the knowledge they had acquired from the training.

The session started tentatively at 4.00 pm with a word of prayer from one of members present. They were later joined by students from other schools who invited and other classes: students from School of Business, Kisumu National Polytechnic, Oginga Odinga University, KCA University and Faculty of Arts students were also able to grace the occasion.

We started off by engaging the students in a simple question and answer (Q&A’s) session concerning elections to gauge the knowledge they had. Majority of the students attested that this would be their first time voting but had very little knowledge on what happens in polling station during the voting period. When asked if they would participate in the election majority of them answered positively.

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Co-curricular Activities
Assistant Dean of Students Ksm Campus & Student Representative
Date and time: 
Tue, 2017-06-27 17:25

On June 24, 2017, CESSP and Kisumu Campus management held a consultative held a Consultative Meeting at the Campus boardroom. The meeting was chaired by the Director CESSP Prof. Julius Ogeng’o and co-chaired by Director, Kisumu Campus Dr. Vincent Machuki and attended by Deputy Director, Prof. Evans Aosa among other CESSP and Kisumu Campus Representatives.

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Tue, 2017-10-31 17:25
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Fri, 2017-06-23 20:23

On June 23, 2017, the members of staff from the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus participated in a team building activities at the Tom Mboya Labour College. The event was organized by the Centre for Self Sponsored Programmes (CESSP) and the Kisumu Campus Management as part of the Performance Contract requirement. It provided an opportunity to rekindle the team spirit and oneness among staffs of the Campus. The aim of the activity was to enhance social relations and bonding within the staff members. The participants were taken through various activities that helped them to understand each other’s strength, weaknesses and interests within their line of duty.  The facilitator brought out clearly the relevance of team work, trust and understanding among team members, effective communication, problem solving and conflict resolution by giving simple activities that helped each other to see the implications of these virtues at the work place and members were urged to practice them for future progress of our Campus.

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Thu, 2017-11-30 20:23
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Thu, 2017-06-22 18:04

The University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus conducted customer care training for all staff on 22nd June, 2017. The training was organized by CESSP and Kisumu Campus Director, Dr. Vincent Machuki. Prof. Justus Munyoki was the facilitator of the training. The training was among several events that have been conducted in the campus through facilitation from CESSP in order to competitively position Kisumu Campus as a centre for superior customer service delivery. The training was organized with a view to equipping and enhancing staff, at all levels, with skills for quality and improved customer service delivery at the Campus. The enhanced customer satisfaction was epitomized as an element of Total Quality Management at the Campus.

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Sat, 2017-09-30 18:04
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Campus Director

The Campus Director

Dr. Vincent Machuki

PhD (Strategic Management- School of Business, University of Nairobi)

MBA (Strategic Management- School of Business, University of Nairobi)
Bachelor of Arts degree (Linguistics - Moi University).

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