Exam Remarking


Good News! as the University of Nairobi is developing a policy on remarking the students exam papers. The policy which will address student grievances on wrong grades or wrongfully marked papers has a step by step guide on how a student qualifies for a remark.

Process of Initiating Remarking of students’ examination scripts on request

  • An aggrieved student should request in writing for a remark in a letter/ email addressed to the Departmental Chairman.
  • The Chairman then forwards the request to the DVC (AA).
  • After the DVC (AA) approves, the department constitutes a committee to facilitate the re-mark.
  • The committee submits its recommendations to the DVC (AA).

The Academic Registrar then officially communicates the outcome of the remark exercise to the student and copies this to the Chair of the department.

Expiry Date