Campus ICT Services


The ICT office was established with the aim of assisting the Campus realise its mandate of innovative use of ICT services and products to support research, learning, teaching and administrative processes. 

The office has the mandate to carry out the following functions: -  

  • To guarantee the security of ICT resources and the safety of people working in ICT environments
  • To enhance skills to develop, implement, support and exploit ICT resources effectively and efficiently
  • To provide quality network infrastructure and improve student & staff access to ICT services in line with University priorities
  • To ensure that business systems accommodate and facilitate changes in business practice that reflect changing institutional, staff and student needs
  • To advance the need for adequate and sustainable ICT funding from within the Campus and develop capacity to attract external resources. 



Physical Location

  • Kisumu Campus Complex, Third Floor


Office Hours

  • 8.00am - 5.00pm on Mon - Fri



(for receiving ICT Support Services Requests)


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