Strategic Plan

Kisumu campus is one of the two satellite campuses of the University of Nairobi and it comprises the schools of Business, Law, Continuing and Distance Education, Economics, Education and Faculty of Arts. The Campus recently developed its strategic plan for the 2013-2018 period and endeavors to implement and improve on its performance. This performance will be achieved through growing student numbers, prudent management of campus resources, revision of several curricula, and increased numbers of programmes offered as well as many new and on-going local and international consultancies and research projects. Contemporary factors that Campus will need to adapt to so as to remain relevant include the Kenya Constitution 2010, Universities act 2012 and a very dynamic external environment. This Strategic Plan summarizes our current position, our priorities and sets out a series of activities that the Campus proposes to implement during the next 2 two years to realize our full potential. To maintain the Campus as a premier teaching and research institution the Strategic Plan reaffirms our mandate of providing high quality university education in western region.

This Campus Strategic Plan has been cascaded down from the Strategic Plans of the College of Education and External Studies (CEES) and College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) whose programmes are currently delivered in the campus. The Strategic plans of these two colleges are, in turn, cascaded from the University of Nairobi’s Corporate Strategic Plan, 2013 - 2018. In developing this Strategic Plan the Campus involved a wide spectrum of stakeholders in the education, business and law professions and beyond who provided invaluable information.

The Campus Strategic Plan will form the basis on which all Schools and Faculty will cascade individual unit development plans. Once the cascading process is completed at all levels of the Campus, it will enable effective implementation of the College of Education and External Studies, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and University Strategic Plans respectively


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