Frequently Asked Questions for Kisumu Campus


Who can Access the UoN Wireless Network?
Access to UoN's wireless network is available to all staff and students of the University of Nairobi.


What Do I Need to Utilize the UoN Wireless Network?
To access the UoN wireless network, the following is necessary:

  • Active Directory (AD) credentials
  • A personal computer device with a wireless card compatible with the 802.11a/b/g wireless network standards.
  • The following operating systems are supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Ubuntu Linux


Where can I Access the Wireless Network on Campus?
The covered areas right now are:

  • Teaching and Learning spaces
  • Open spaces
  • Staff Offices


What Kinds of Security Measures have been Adopted?
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) algorithms have been used. These ensure your username and password travel securely over the Wi-Fi network at the time of network access authentication. Note however that security of data transmitted over the Web cannot be guaranteed. General advice is to ensure that websites that you submit your sensitive data to employ a form of data encryption, you can know this if you see use of “HTTPS:” at beginning of website address.


What do I Need to Create Student Email Address?

You need to have a student registration number and able to log in to the student portal


How do I Create my Student Email Address?

Log in to your student portal, click on “my profile” link and then click on “Create student email” button located in the 2nd raw on the table. Your student email address will be displayed in that box after successful creation


How do I Reset my Student/Staff Email Address Password?

Use your other email (such as Gmail, yahoo etc.) to send email password reset request to ictsupportksm@uonbi.ac.ke and ksmadminhelp@uonbi.ac.ke for staff and students respectively. Provide the following in your email content:

  • Staff/student full name
  • Your official university email address (which you want password reset)
  • Student Reg. No.


What is the Login Credentials for the e-Library Services?

You use your AD login credentials to access e-Library services 


How do I Retrieve or Reset my Forgotten Active Directory(AD) Password?

  • Visit https://smis.uonbi.ac.ke and update your profile by providing all the required information.
  • Wait for between one and half (1.5) to two (2) hours for the correct email address to be added to your AD account
  • Visit http://adstudents.uonbi.ac.ke
  • Click on forgot/expired Password Link and follow the prompts
  • To complete the password reset a verification code will be sent to your UONBI email account provided in your student portal.
  • Kindly write to Campus ICT Support team through ksmadminhelp@uonbi.ac.ke using your University email address, in case you are unable to reset the password, providing your student Full Names, Registration No., and Mobile No.


What is Soma na Telkom Data Bundle?

Monthly Data Bundles offering convenient connectivity that allows staff and students of university of Nairobi to work or study from wherever they are during Covid-19 lockdown period. The data bundles are sponsored by the University for those staff and students eligible to be provided with the bundles at any given time. The data bundles are used to access specific sites approved by the university for online teaching and learning as well as access to university management information systems


Who is Eligible for this Type of Data Bundles?

These data bundles are provided to students and staff who are registered for the current semester and have fully paid their current semester fees


How do I apply for "SOMA Na TELKOM" data bundles?

  • Students to register their intent for facilitation of data bundles by updating their profile in the SMIS portal indicating their preferred Telkom outlet.
  • Requests received at ICT Centre are processed and forwarded to respective colleges for review and approval.
  • ICT Centre sends approved list to Telkom Kenya with instructions to configure and activate the lines.
  • Telkom activates the Sim card and sends to the Telkom outlet (selected by the student)
  • Student receives an alert from their preferred Telkom outlet to go and collect the Sim card.


I have a Telkom Kenya Line; can I use it with these bundles?

Fill the consent form after updating your portal to have your line co-owned with the university. Follow this link. (URL Tobe provided)


How often are the data bundle reloaded in the Telkom line?

The data bundles are reloaded once every calendar month


How do I check my data bundles balance on this soma na Telkom line?

Dial *200#


Where can I get help from ICT Support Team?
For assistance, reach Campus ICT Support team through the following:


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