Raha Centre Boys Community Service Tour

The Department of literature lead by the Chair Dr. Masumi Odari, Soka University Students and the UoN Students from the Department of Literature visited Raha Centre Boys Community Services, for volunteer missions and the word of encouragement.
Outreach programs for children’s homes are intended to reach out to kids who are not normally acquiring the best type of service and experience suited for their age. This is one way of helping them to live life best on their age without experiencing any hassles and stress anymore. Most of the time, those children who are found in children’s home are those who don’t have their families and loved ones to support them with their needs.
During the visiting the University of Nairobi students engaged in various activities such as cooking, playing, making the environment conducive, mingling on various aspects and demonstrating a commitment by providing opportunities for young people to act and think independently whilst being safe.

Raha Centre Boys